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Exclusive Artist representation and management

If you are a DJ with good reviews, positive DJ'ing history, have played at several major international clubs and events in the "recent" past and you are in search of representation to handle your inquiries, you may send us your info.

Due to the many inquiries we receive you can only apply if you meet above requirements.

Make sure that you elaborate on your answers. Incomplete forms or inquiries of artists who are just sending us short mails will not be handled.

Please download and fill out THIS FORM first

Please send the document and any other info to: talent (@)

After we have received all of your information and demo's we will contact you to see if we can work together.

Hardcopy Demos / photos / dvd's can be send to:

The Nightguide Artist bookings

Artist inquiries

P.o. Box 288

9700 AG Groningen

The Netherlands

Office tel: +31(0)507501928

Office fax: +31(0)847228834

Office e-mail: info (@)

We are always open for new collaborations, creative and business ideas and we are always interested in new participation in projects or sponsorships for artists and events.
If you are interested drop us a line!

The, Artist Agency and Management

’The Nightguide Dj & artist bookings” provides supports and management to a select number of dj’s, musicians, artists and other creative people in the musicindustry. We focus on bookings, management and intermediation of dj’s, acts and artists. All of them have to meet our high standards to be accepted on to the roster. We provide dj's that cover a range of music styles to suit most venues.

More info about the Nightguide Dj and Artist Bookings

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