Upcoming World Tour Dj Dom Kane
With Dom Kane’s Tour of 2006 going down so well in Eastern Europe , Dom Kane thought he’d get ready for another next year. The Tour will be to promote releases such as his official remake of the classic Orbital track Halcyon which is currently being supported by over 60 of the official Top 100 DJ's from DJ Magazine. Not to mention his follow up “Glitched Out”, which is exclusive to Pete Tong of BBC Radio One, until it goes to promo shortly. Also he will start collaborations with Rui Da Silva (Kismet), Ricky Stone (40 @DJ Mag Top 100, 2006), and more...

Dom Kane will also be performing with LIVE productions in show with laptop etc, and usage of the Xeton Records name and logo will also be available for all parties involved. Next year's Tour territory will be as follows:

March/April/May - USA (including WMC, Miami)
May/June/July - UK & Western Europe
July/August/September - Eastern Europe & Asia (including Kazantip, Ukraine)

So... The diary is now open. If you want to make any enquiries then please contact us. Flight-shares will be available where possible, so the earlier you get involved, the more likely your price will come down!

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posted at: 27.12.2006
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