Royal & Raw - Out of Illusion mix
Royal&Raw is, besides a dj-team consisting of DJ's Fre4knc and Silvahfonk, also a radio show, on air since the beginning of 2006, on which fresh talent as well as well known DJ's get the chance to show their skills. In 2004, Fre4knc was nominated at the Dutch dnb-awards as best breakthrough DJ and Silvahfonk was the winner of the Dutch dnb-awards of 2005 in the categories of best breakthrough DJ & best DJ. After a few live shows in the Netherlands as well as abroad, these two DJ's decided to combine their powers and a brand new DJ-team was born. Hearing these DJ's mix together is like nothing you have heard before (at least, if you haven't heard them before), the tunes they play are in the mix from the beginning 'till the end, in an unexpected way. This always results in a energetic set and an enthusiastic crowd. Their tune-selection is raw and Rollin' with melodic, reggae and chemical-tech influences. With this mix they want to show you their techniques and the combinations of old and new tunes in a creative way. This mix is for promotional use only and a crystal-clear example of how Fre4knc & Silvahfonk combine different styles and flavours.

Their shouts go out to the whole drum'n bass community, with a special big up to for letting them do their thing on the 'air', Dj Trap for hosting this mix and for the wicked artwork. Also a big up to for the special attention, Amplicon for his influence in the mix with his 'Concrete' tune. And, last but not least, all the guest DJ's who showed their skills on the Royal&Raw radio show! You all know who you are!!

Click here to download their wicked mix.

This Demo is for promotional purposes only. This demo cannot be sold or used for other commercial purposes.

Amongst others, performances at:
Distraxion Leuven Belgium
Underground Music, First Floor, Apeldoorn
Beattriks meets Forward Sound Yardvibes, Simplon, Groningen
Hopla, Gloppe, Leeuwarden
Breakfast, Shadrak, Groningen

Check out their weekly international radio show at with regular guest dj appearances.
Every Tuesday from 22.00h 00.00h CET

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posted at: 20.12.2006
Mac Zimms
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