Brand new releases and remixes from DJ/Producer Dom Kane

Ricky Stone – Shanghai Taxi (Dom Kane Mix) [852 Recordings]
This one’s already being put on compilations by RA, and entered a few small charts. It was Dom Kanes remix that Ricky was donning on tour last year, and was also supported by James Zabiela, Sasha (his own re-edit of my remix), John Aquaviva, and many more.

The now infamous Deepgroove mix has already been featured on countless compilations and playlists and was played six times @ The Dj Magazine Top 100 party. The mix has been support be not only Ricky Stone himself on tour, but also DJ Sasha. It's a techy electro 4/4 breaks mix, and it's by far Dom Kane's favorite remix that hes has done to date! Red Recordings say "Dom Kane rips a new hole in it (Ricky on his current European Tour has championed his mix)".

Dom Kane – Halcyon [Xeton Records]
OK, so this one wasn’t meant to be released at all, but Beatport sold it by accident…. And lots of it! Been supported by every major electro/prog/breaks/trance/techno DJ you can think of, including Pete Tong on BBC Radio One!


05-MAR-2007 - Dom Kane – The Cloud EP [Xeton Records]
This is Dom Kanes second EP on Xeton Records, which is also the second EP to be supported by James Zabiela. We are really looking forward to the release of this one.

05-MAR-2007 – DJ Ralph – Bobun (Dom Kane Mix) [852 Records]
Another remix for the label of Ricky Stone, pushing my Electro 4-4-Breaks sound, with plenty of EFX style chopping on the vocals. Once again, it’s Dom's version that’s being donned by Ricky himself.

06-MAR-2007 - DJ Style – So Bad (Dom Kane Mixes) [Knob Records]
This is doing the rounds now, and getting fantastic feedback from all. Knob Records is based in USA, so bear this in mind for gig stuff.

APRIL-2007 – Unique 3 – The Theme (Dom Kane Mix) [Fat! Records]
This is the long awaited (about 20 years!) remix package of The Theme. Originally one of the 90’s underground hits that helped define breaks and D&B for what it is today. Dom Kane has taken a full on Electro house tip on this one, knowing that the other 2 tracks cover the Breaks scene!

APRIL-2007 – Stone & Garcia – Universe (Dom Kane Mix) [CR2 Records]
Huge label of Fedde Le Grande’s “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”… Not much else I can say about this. Hugely prolific, and down right fun!

MAY-2007 – Dom Kane – Glitched Out [Xeton Records]
This is the one everyone’s been waiting for… It has been ranted on about this year by all and sundry. Tipped to make it in to the official UK Charts, and playlisted on daytime radio. One of those ‘accidental’ tracks Dom Kane wrote whilst hungover, messing around with his vocalist.


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