New mix by Dj Silvahfonk - My Moments

The summer is at its end. People are going back to school and work and have experienced lots of great things this past holiday. Also Silvahfonk has experienced a lot and had some good memories. To share this in a musical way he made a personal compilation full of variation to express that all those experiences gave him inspiration.

Silvahfonk: This mix is a reflection of whats on my mind, what I am supporting and believe in. This resulted in a mix of pure rollin jungle music with an erotic human vibe and warm basslines. Special shouts are for:, all round agency for all the support and trust in me. Big upz for my crew “Pitch Control”, Bassground, “Machtig Crew” for the good vibes and support, Fre4knc (for being my team mate in Royal & Raw) & Dj Rizz.
What makes this mix even more special is my big inspiration and love “Miss Splinter” Thanks for all the good and wise things you told me;Quasy for the beautiful art-work. And last but not least “All of you, my dear fans and friends who are still supporting me! “ Hope you all like it.


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For all you music lovers, here's the tracklist of the set:

posted at: 30.08.2007
Robert Gitelman
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