Robert Gitelman
Artist Name: Robert Gitelman
Main Style: Trance
Type: dj
Country : Israel
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Robert Gitelman - Baja Tribe @ Astate of trance (24-2-2011)

Robert (32) began his career at the tender age of 14, after 3 years he began his residency in one of the biggest clubs in Israel “Computer”, ever since Robert played in every club in Israel.
In Radio bu99FM, the biggest radio station in Israel for dance music.

Robert got a weekly club show and hosted the biggest names in the world like: DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Benjamin Bates, M.I.K.E (Push),armin van buuren, Scot Project, DJ Wag, Erik Morillo, DJ Astrid, Phats and Small, DJ Demitri, Christian Froot, DJ Taucher, Misja Helsloot, DJ Montana, Talla and many many more…

After his show’s success The biggest record label in Israel Phonokol asked Robert to compile and mix his very own club trance compilation series called “club99”and after a massive success Phonokol decided to make another series called “party line”.
Playing in all major clubs in the Netherlands like: iT, Escape, Dance salon, Master theatre, in the UK, Ibiza and Cyprus Robert proved his talent not only in Israel but worldwide.

After a while Robert decided to produce his own music and started to produce some experimental underground dance music.
The first track that was signed was DJ Robert & The Party freaks – Going up (1996 Rhythm Import).
Together with his recent partner, Jaron Martinez Robert produced the track “Dreaming about Paprika” which got re-released these days and rocked every chart in the world and got into the “love parade” compilation.
Together with Jaron Robert producing under several guises: G&M Project, 2 Players, Robert Gitelman, Jaron inc., Taze and DJ Robert & the Martinez bros.

The first massive breakthrough in the Dutch market was the anthem “Feeling the sunrise” under the guise “G&M Project” [ID&T].
The success of “Feeling the sunrise” was outstanding, it got support from every major DJ in the world like: Ferry Corsten, Marco V, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, DJ Stigma, Push, Scot Bond,Blank and Jones … and went into compilations as:
Trance Energy 2002 Compilation
Ferry Corsten world tour - Tokyo
538 Drive-In Show compilation

Mad’house 2002 Mixed by DJ Jean
ID&T Trance 3 Compilation

Gatecrasher Experience Compilation
International dj’s at Goliath mixed by DJ Stigma DJ Marckey in the mix
B a clubber 2001 mixed by DJ Robert Gitelman for Radio bu99FM Trance energy 2003-2004
Sensetion 2003-2004
And more and more…

After “Feeling the sunrise” the world got shocked by Robert’s next bomb “Signet” under the guise “2 Players”. This track immediately snatched by the German label “Afterglow records” and got Plastic angel remix, “Signet” Became No.1 in the German selling charts and signed to “Hooj Choons” in the UK.

When Hooj saw the massive success of “Signet” they decided to give Robert one of the biggest projects of the year, the 2003 Remix of “3 Drivers – Greece 2000”, not even released yet Robert’s remix for “Greece 2000” got massive support from DJ’s around the globe.

Review about signet taken from

Behind 2 Players we find Israeli Robert Gitelman and Jaron Martinez. Robert has been around for ages pulling of big sessions helping out trance getting even more popular in Israel. Together the two of them, Robert and Jaron already have released material on ID&T, Phonokol and appeared on the ever so popular Gatecrasher-series. And unlike the previous Afterglow release that was very epic this release holds down a bit on the cheesy parts keeping it a hot bite even for the scene in the UK.

The original mix of ‘Signet’ shoots off with clear beats and firm bass. You could almost smell the progressive down to the bones but in comes the more melodic and dark atmosphere with elements that could give you the creeps if played in a completely dark room. Dark chill mixed with a hard background and a few melodic parts give a massive but slow ride into the completely marvellous and long melodic brake with chilled strings and elements that really does the trick. Accelerating the melody and going back to the prior style mixed with the essentials from the brake and new shots gives an enormous journey for whoever might be listening. Credits goes to the producers for keeping the tune alive with the same elements, melody and style all the way through but still not letting the listeners minds get away.

Review about Robert & Jaron – Walls of indoneasia taken from

This is the 3rd release on Afterglow, produced by Robert Gitelmann and Jaron Martinez, which form the duo with the plain name Robert & Jaron. The two of them got the flow started and are going to remix acts like Cygnus X and Marco V, which make this release named ‘Walls of Indonesia’ quite interesting.

The single showcases material that will please both melodic freaks and people that has followed the winds of change into the more progressive UK-scene. The A-side features the melodic original mix with great and moody breaks followed by vast strings, which gives the tune a really good all-over feeling. On the flip we find the UK-mix. With its housey way and fresh elements it turns out to be something really different from the original mix. When listening to it you get cast from tops to downs and up again. Collaborating with many styles the UK-mix of Walls of Indonesia is equivalent to a neat set going from one side of electronica to another. The real snatch comes in at the end when the tune reaches its peak with true trance y style mixed with house-grooves into one action packed build-up.

Review about Solar Factor - Urban Shakedown [Progrez] taken from

G And M Project the Israeli producers, who brings us great hits all the time, decided to mix this masterpiece aswell, and in the start we definitely can sense the very melodic, unique sounds, as already been said uplifting sounds covered the tune with a new atmosphere,.
I guess M.I.K.E fans will go for the A1 on this vinyl, but Trance fans overall will choose the B1, that has his special sounds in it.

Review about KMC – I feel so fine (G&M project remix) taken from

Discreetly imported from Italy, KMC has already impacted on the club charts and picked up favour from Judge Jules on his Radio 1 slot in it's G&M Project version.
It's also grabbed good club support from Steve Lawler and Nick Warren in the respective appropriate versions.
Chris Finan

Review about KMC – I feel so fine (G&M project remix) taken from

This remix done by Robert Gitelman and Jaron Martinez is slightly on the more chilly and breezy subliminal side of things, with a Ibiza-esque Chicane style guitary bassline which stays bubbly throughout the majority of the track. The vocals have been kept relatively low-keyed as the aim for this track is more orientated towards the dubbier side of things. The break is a beautifully melodic vocal tainted section and if this break was combined with the Tillman Uhrmacher Light Mix, i think that would be truly spectacular. The break then swells into a more uplifting and euphoric finale which the other 2 mixes do not see, and would perhaps suit the slightly harder DJs if sped up a bit, but nonetheless, a great remix from G & M Project.

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