Planet Beyond
Name: Elwin
Artist Name: Planet Beyond
Main Style: visuals
Type: dj/vj
Country : The Netherlands
Mediakit: click for mediakit
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If you need a fresh breeze of original visual sensations then you need DJ/VJ PLANET BEYOND! This visual animation master will rock your screen with the latest visual productions!

You can even suggest a theme for the VJ set to match it to your event, or incorporate logos, photos etc etc..

In other words, your on demand visual production!

Lwin is an artist from the Netherlands and has been producing art since childhood, the art forms he practices are painting, producing music, 3d animation , comics, t-shirt design and combinations between them. The last ten years he has performed at many gigs, mostly underground techno/house parties for the music.He also works as a VJ in many local clubs and was a resident vj for the zapclup. At the moment he is busy to combine 3d animation with his own music and tries to visualise the sounds he is making. The music is a meltingpot from different electronic and analog styles, styles range from ambient ,techno, minimal , jungle, experimental , eclectic.

He is always very interested in meeting artists who are interested in customized videoclips for their music. He would love to make them. Contact us for a co-operation.



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