Matt Tako
Artist Name: Matt Tako
Main Style: Techno
Type: dj
Country : United Kingdom
Biography: Previous bookings:

A regular DJ on the underground party scene for a long while now, along with his regular club slots, he has a tendency to play harder, faster, and longer, than the rest. Always the last one to leave a party, slamming funky bass lines, into dark beats, to create the _Evil Circus_ sound he is known for. New productions, and remixes for 2004 are available soon. Along with cohorts, D.A.R.Y.L, and Simon Heartfield, they combine to make Phase 2. Resident DJ and also the Contracts Agent, and Artist Manager, Matt is working alongside the best in the business, with headliners for this year chosen from a list of Phase 2_s top ten DJ_s, an enviable position for most promoters. Matt_s passion for the music, and the scene, knows no bounds. A regular at all the best club nights up and down the land, from the Orbit, to Atomic Jam, to Lost, and back again, not to mention being brought into it all via Club UK, Sterns, Final Frontier, and Geushky. He is always keenly aware of his rock, hip-hop, and punk influences, and this is evident through his frenetic, energetic mixing style. A Festival Junkie, during the summer, to be found taking in all the smaller, underground parties, as well as the more commercial affairs. Always on the go, always making a noise, and always on the edge of a new sound.


Excellent, renound club night, and label in Nottingham, held at the Lost Weekend, and The Marcus Garvey Centre. Many dates including the Overload magazine launch party. On the line up with pure techno heavyweights Ben Sims, Oliver Ho, Max Duley, Surgeon, Subhead, Tube Jerk, Si Begg, Uberdog, Sir Real, Barber.
Storming techno club, and label, held at the legendary, and now sadly closed Cloud 9, and Crash in the heart of London. Many dates, on the bill with the likes of Dave The Drummer, Chris, Aaron, and Julian Liberator, Groove Asylum, Aztec, Pat Hurley, Wing Commander, Jafar, Julian Coalesce, Sterling Moss, Lab 4, Alex Paterson.

Groundbreaking club night on the South Coast of England held on the South Parade Pier, Portsmouth, over the sea. One of the first to promote cross genre club nights, in the South, with everything from Underground Techno, to Dirty South Drum N Bass.
2004 welcomes Phase 2 back with a vengeance, as they continue to grow, with loads of two room, 1200 capacity shows planned for the year, to include the cream of the crop, from the Techno world and beyond.
Those who have already rocked with us: Billy Nasty, Luke Slater, Umek, Eclectic Method, Dave The Drummer, DJ Ant, Aubrey, Matt Tako, Simon Heartfield, The Herbaliser, Chris Liberator, Justin Jackman, Karl Lost, The Geezer, Jason Swales, Justin Swales, Mark EG.

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Matt Tako techno mix
She in Parties
Matt Tako - Live at Phase 2 Vs UYN
Matt Tako - Live at Über - London
Matt Tako - Chris Liebing Mix
Matt Tako - Ho - Sims Sauce Mix
Advent Mix
Matt Tako - Umek mix
Matt Tako & J.Woo - Brown Worm - UYNCD2-T unreleased track.
Residences held:
Primevil/ Revelation 9 Nottingham UK
Uber London UK
Phase 2 Portsmouth UK
Under Your Nose UK
Scary Beats UK
Clubbed Out Radio UK

Performed with
Ben Sims
Billy Nasty
Luke Slater
Dave the Drummer
Pat Hurley
Ian Void
Oliver Ho
Sterling Moss
Max Duley
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